Gunnison Legals

March 19, 2009

Gunnison County Commissioners’ Meeting Room
1.    10:00 am ● Call Regular Meeting to Order; Determination of Quorum;     Verify Public Notice of Meeting
2.    10:05 ● Agenda Approval
3.    10:10 ● Introduction of new members
4.     10:15 ● Election of Officers
5.    10:20 ● Committee Member/Staff Comments/Reports
6.    10:30 ● Approval of February 5, 2009 Meeting Minutes
7.    10:35 ● Letter to Colorado Wildlife Commission Regarding 5-Year Season Structure
8.    10:50 ● Grazing Research Subcommittee Report
9.    11:15 ● Gunnison Rising Mitigation Letter of Concern
10.    12:00 pm ● Lunch – Presentation by Dr. Patrick Magee
    Research Proposal: Using Automated Listening Stations to Quantify Noise Disturbance on Gunnison Sage-grouse Breeding Behavior
11.    12:45 ● Action Plan Subcommittee Report
12.    1:15 ● Presidential Memorandum Regarding consultative and concurrence processes with reference to the Endangered Species Act. Discussion of possible impacts to local agency actions/activities.
13.    1:30 ● Introductory Discussion – Candidate Conservation Agreements on Federal Lands
14.    1:50 ● Future Meetings
Invitation from LWG for Joint Meeting
15.    2:00 pm ● Adjourn
NOTE: This agenda is subject to change, including the addition of items up to 24 hours in advance or the deletion of items at any time. All times are approximate. Regular Meetings, Public Hearings, and Special Meetings are recorded and ACTION MAY TAKEN ON ANY ITEM. Work Sessions are not recorded and formal action cannot be taken. Two or more Gunnison County Commissioners may attend this meeting. For further information, contact the County Administration at 641-0248. If special accommodations are necessary per ADA, contact 641-0248 or TTY 641-3061 prior to the meeting.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of March 13, 2009. #031310


—Preliminary AGENDA: Friday, March 13, 2009—

8:45 a.m.    • Call to order; determine quorum
• Election of Chair and Vice Chair
• Approval of Minutes
• Unscheduled citizens: A brief period in which the public is invited to make general comments or ask questions of the Commission or Planning Staff about items which are not scheduled on the day’s agenda.
9:00 a.m.    County Manager Matthew Birnie, discussion of the County’s Strategic Plan
10:30 a.m.    Board of County Commissioners Chair Paula Swenson, discussions on:
• Board action regarding appeal of Planning Commission’s decision to deny Land Use Change Permit for an asphalt/batch plant Hard Rock
• Planning Commission member(s) participating on Board subcommittee to draft vision/guiding principles that will serve as a compass on prioritizing  planning issues
• General information on other items of shared interest
11:00 a.m.    Work session, follow-up to February 20 Planning Retreat and Training: staff form formats; draft work plan implementing facilitator Greg Dale’s recommendations
12:00 p.m.    Lunch
1:00 p.m.    County Attorney David Baumgarten, presentation and general discussion of Draft 4 of Special Development Project Resolution
3 p.m.    Work session/possible direction to staff,  amendments to Gunnison County Land Use Resolution
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are conducted in the Blackstock Government Center Meeting Room at 221 N. Wisconsin St. in Gunnison, across the street from the Post Office.  This is a preliminary agenda; agenda times may be changed by the staff up to 24 hours before the meeting date. If you are interested in a specific agenda item; you may want to call the Planning Department (641-0360) ahead of time to confirm its scheduled time. Anyone needing special accommodations, please contact the Planning Department before the meeting.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of March 13, 2009. #031302



• Visitors; USFS District Ranger Jim Dawson, Supervisor Charlie Richmond, and Project Leader Gary Shellhorn; Gunnison Travel Management Draft Environmental Impact Statement Presentation
• Visitor; USFS Assistant District Forester Brian Ayers; Annual Operating Plan for Fire Control
• Gunnison County Stockgrowers Association; Support Decision; Limited Elk License Nomination
• Public Hearing; Petition to Vacate Fawn Drive, Antlers Bluff, and a Portion of Deer Trail, Marble Ski Area, Crystal River Filing 1, Marble, Colorado
• Planning Commission Update; Annual Staff Work Plan, Planning Vision, Values, and Feedback from the Board of County Commissioners
• Resolution; Amending Gunnison County Land Use Resolution, Section 3-105:  Withdrawn and Inactive Applications
• Resolution; Regarding Maintenance of County Road Rights-of-Way
• Southwest Resource Advisory Council (SWRAC) Nomination; Support Letter for Gunnison Sage-grouse Conservation Coordinator Jim Cochran
• Board of Health Discussion:
    • Attorney’s Office Introduction to SB 08-194; Colorado Public Health Reauthorization Act
    • Structure of Local vs. District Public Health Agency
    • Structure of Board of Health Resolution Language
• Gunnison-Hinsdale Board of Human Services; Medicaid “Modernization”; Family Advocacy and Support Team (FAST); Multi-Cultural Resource Office and SIRFI Community Meeting in March
• Local Marketing District; 4th Quarter 2008 Tourism Activity Update
• Consent Agenda:
    • Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Department of Local Affairs (DOLA); Gunnison Valley Energy Strategy Contract Amendment; CHPG #00171; Extension to 12/31/09
    • Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Region 10 Area Agency on Aging Funding Application; Senior Resources Office / Senior Transportation Program; 7/1/09 – 6/30/10; $7,000
    • Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Region 10 Area Agency on Aging Funding Application; Senior Resources Office / Homemaker Services; 7/1/09 – 6/30/10; $6,000
    • Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; Region 10 Area Agency on Aging Funding Application; Senior Resources Office / Staffing; 7/1/09 – 6/30/10; $25,000
    • Acknowledgment of County Manager Signature; 2009 Memorandum of Agreement; Gunnison Country Food Pantry; Community-Based Organization Funding; $5,250
    • 2009 Memorandum of Agreement; Jubilee House of Gunnison County, Inc.; Community-Based Organization Funding; $10,000
    • Out-of-State Travel; Two County Staff to Attend the Oshkosh H-Series Maintenance Training; Oshkosh, WI; $4,300
    • Maintenance Agreement; Tuck Communications; Blackstock, Courthouse, Fairgrounds, and Housing Buildings; 3/1/09 – 2/28/10
This is a list ot items tentatively scheduled for the Commissioners’ agenda. Items may be added up to 24 hours prior to the meeting, or deleted at any time. A final agenda will be prepared after the publication deadline for the newspaper. For further information or confirmation of specific times on the agenda, please contact the County Administration Office at 641-0248.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of March 13, 2009. #031314


upper gunnison river water conservancy district
The Board of Directors of the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District will conduct its regular board meeting on Monday, March 23, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. This meeting is being held in the District offices, 234 North Main Street, Suite 3B, Gunnison and is open to the public. An agenda will be posted at the District office prior to the meeting. 
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of March 13, 2009. #031303



The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Gunnison, Colorado, will hold a public hearing regarding the petition filed by Kasey Conger for River Dance Ranch, LLC to vacate Antlers Bluff, a portion of Deer Trail and Fawn Drive.  The streets the petitioner seeks to have vacated are identified on the plat titled “Plat of Marble Ski Area Crystal River Filing Gunnison County, Colorado” recorded on December 11, 1970, bearing Reception No: 282561, and described as follows:
All of Fawn Drive, not previously vacated, including the cul-de-sac; All of Antlers Bluff, including the cul-de-sac; That portion of Deer Trail commencing from the western boundary of the Raspberry Creek Easement as it intersects the southern boundary line of Deer Trail then traveling easterly along the southern boundary of Deer Trail to the southwest corner of Lot 53 then traveling westerly across Deer Trail to the southeast corner of Lot 74 then traveling south then westerly along the northern boundary of Deer Trail to the western boundary of the Raspberry Creek Easement then southerly to the southern boundary of Deer Trail,
The public hearing regarding this matter will be held on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 8:50 a.m. at the Board of County Commissioners Room, 200 East Virginia Avenue, Gunnison, Colorado.  The public is invited to attend and participate.
County of Gunnison, State of Colorado.
Published in the Crested Butte News. Issues of March 6 and 13, 2009. #030601

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