Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sheriff’s Stories

05/06/09, Officers assisted the Colorado State Patrol with a DUI arrest near Almont.



05/08/09, Officers and the brand inspector investigated a call concerning possible horse neglect in the Powderhorn area. Investigations revealed that the animals of concern were being taken care of; there were several very old horses that were physically diminished.
Officers and EMS responded to a medical call at a residence near Seneca Drive. A man had been bucked off a horse and was complaining about hip and leg injuries.

05/09/09, Officers were dispatched to a location nearly 20 miles west of Gunnison, Highway 50, regarding a “disabled vehicle.” Preliminary reports suggested that the vehicle was stolen out of Colorado Springs. Investigations revealed that the female who was driving the vehicle did not have permission from her father to possess the vehicle; however, he had not reported the car stolen. Through the process of sorting the issues, it was discovered that a 23-year-old male passenger had two active warrants, one from the Colorado Department of Corrections concerning parole violations. The individual was arrested on the no-bond warrant as well as a $1,000 failure-to-appear warrant for traffic violation out of El Paso County.

05/12/09, Officers received a report concerning a child who appeared to be left unattended in a car near County Road 33, Dos Rios. Officers found a three-year-old female in a car seat alone in the parked vehicle. The child seemed to be content. The mother was located nearby, showing property. Human Services were summoned to the scene and it was decided that the possible violation was not flagrant and charges were not filed.
Officers received a report concerning an overturned raft; all ended well.

05/13/09, Gunnison Police, Gunnison County Sheriff’s officers, EMS and Fire were dispatched to 1576 North Highway 135, regarding a home fully engulfed in flames. The two occupants were able to escape the upstairs bedroom by breaking out a window and exiting on an extended roof. Their dog, which had alerted them, perished in the fire. Although investigators are continuing to search for the exact cause of the fire, it is believed that the blaze is accidental.
Officers and Western Mountain Rescue were dispatched to the Palisades cliffs in response to someone possibly yelling concerning help. With the roar of the water the reporting party could not be certain where or if the yelling was actually for help. Respondents conducted an extensive search but came up with no leads.
Officers assisted the Colorado State Patrol with a warrant issue approximately 13 miles north of Gunnison on Highway 135.

05/14/09, Officers arrested a 20-year-old Colorado Springs male on a contempt of court warrant and a failure to appear warrant, both from the Gunnison County Court. The subject was arrested in the Gunnison County Court.
Officers responded to a report of fireworks being fired within the neighborhood of Bevington Lane. A warning was extended.
Officers cited a 33-year-old Crested Butte male, the construction site supervisor, for failure to register a control burn north of Gunnison.
05/15/09, Officers received information that a protection order was being violated. The case is still under investigation.

05/16/09, Officers were dispatched to an address north of Gunnison regarding a “fight-in-progress” call. At first there was no evidence that a fight had taken place. However, officers were able to locate a potential male victim who had a notable cut on his head. The individual declared that he was not in a fight and he did not know how he was injured. Officers maintain a certainty that a fight had taken place but due to the lack of cooperation by the victim, officers were forced to close the case without a direction to the suspect.
Officers responded to the Sapinero area regarding a civil issue between neighbors.
Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department with a call concerning a bomb scare near the 800-block of West Tomichi Avenue.
Officers received a report of careless driving on County Road 17. Contact was made with the suspect but the reporting party desired not press charges.
Officers and EMS responded to a given address near County Road 743 (Lost Canyon Road) regarding a female with medical needs.
Officers attempted to locate the driver of a vehicle that slid off of road near the intersection of Cranor Hill Road and Lost Canyon Road. The case is still under investigation.

05/17/09, Officers assisted the Gunnison Police Department and the Colorado Division of Wildlife with a report of a bear in a tree near the 500-block of North Iowa.
Officers responded to an address near the 2.8 mark of Highway 135 regarding a possible burglary in progress. Investigations revealed that it was not likely a burglary. The case is still under investigation.
At approximately 8:50 p.m., officers were called on a reckless driving situation near County Road 51 (Old City Dump Road). Investigations revealed that the suspect vehicle slid off into an irrigation ditch. Subsequent to the investigation, a 25-year-old Gunnison County male was arrested for the reckless driving and DUI.

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