Briefs Crested Butte

Finding a Niche
In an update from the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association, TA director Jane Chaney said things were starting to look up. The organization was getting more hits on the website, more visitors heading up to the mountains and more phone calls. Chaney said the TA was trying to better niche market the county with information on mountain bikers for example targeted directly to mountain bikers. TA board member Rachael Gardner told the council that Crested Butte is fast becoming a wedding destination. “People are already booking here for next year,” she said.



“Maybe we could be a funeral destination as well,” quipped councilperson Jim Schmidt.
“But then you only get them here once,” replied Gardner. “With weddings, you have a chance at repeat business. But go for it, Jim.”

Survival of the fittest for bus bike racks
Mayor Leah Williams reported that during the Mountain Express meeting, the issue of crowded bus bike racks came up. Williams said the bus drivers would help direct bikers how to best grab a rack if the current bus is full. The idea of bus trailers appeared too cumbersome and will not be attempted.

More fireworks meetings ahead
Jim Schmidt gave a brief report on the fireworks subcommittee. He and Williams met Monday afternoon with Mt. Crested Butte subcommittee members William Buck and Dave Clayton. No compromise was reached. “We agreed to meet again,” he said.

Chalkboards will be growing
In a discussion that lasted probably a half-hour but felt like days, the council talked to death the chalkboard on Elk Avenue issue. This concerned a request by local business owners Arvin Ram and Danica Ayraud to allow two-sided chalkboards that could be five square feet in size as opposed to the current four square feet.
Councilperson Jim Schmidt said he felt it was a business’ reputation that drove business as opposed to bigger, better signs, so he wanted to keep the chalkboards to four square feet. After copious amounts of discussion, the council agreed to go with the business suggestion. The chalkboards can be no wider than two feet, no higher than five feet and no larger than five square feet. An ordinance to that effect will be drawn up.

Get excited about age
The town will hold a presentation on historical preservation in the coming months. Town building and zoning director Bob Gillie said the value of preservation is sometimes not understood in a community “and we may need to get re-energized about why we do things,” he said.
Mayor Williams was excited at the prospect. “Crested Butte is very well respected in the preservation community around the state,” the mayor said. “Being an historic district is important to our economy.”
Look for a mid-September date for the presentation.

Cleaning up language through ordinances
The council will look at a couple of “housekeeping” ordinances dealing with building and zoning regulations at the next meeting. The ordinances will address the definition of Floor Area Ratio, off-street parking requirements, and exemptions to non-conforming uses for historic buildings.

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