Briefs Mt. Crested Butte

Liquor license squabbles
Town clerk Donna Arwood reminded everyone about the procedures for obtaining liquor licenses, particularly for special events. She said she’s been having some issues, especially with non-profits.



“The rules do have to be followed,” Arwood said. There is a minimum of 30 days up to 60 for a new license, and a transfer requires 30 days.
“I recently had to tell someone they couldn’t have a license because they wouldn’t do what we ask,” she explained to the council. “When it comes to breaking the law, I can’t. But some people just don’t want to follow the rules. All of this info is on our website—it’s pretty imperative they start following the rules. I don’t want people to not be able to get a license again.”
To illustrate the issue, a liquor license application for a special event at the base area was up for consideration at the July 20 meeting. The applicants, Living Journeys, did not attend the public hearing. That did not go unnoticed by town manager Joe Fitzpatrick and the council. The council moved to conditionally approve with the stipulation that the applicants correct the ambiguities and inaccuracies before submitting it to the state. That motion passed.
The message to applicants: Do it right the first time.

Gas for Mt. Crested Butte
A public hearing was held at the July 6 council meeting to provide Atmos Energy the opportunity to present and conduct a first reading of a new franchise agreement. Atmos has been providing Mt. Crested Butte with natural gas since 1990. Ordinance No. 3 grants Atmos the right to furnish, sell and distribute natural gas to the town, and all entities within the town.
Brian Martins of Atmos returned on July 20 for a second reading of the statute, as required by law.
The council approved the franchise agreement and Ordinance No. 3.

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