Bears are still a problem in the area so be aware

Bear activity continues in the town of Crested Butte. Their presence in town is not expected to subside until later in the fall, when they begin their hibernation cycle.



Citizens and visitors to Crested Butte are asked to continue their diligence in the proper storage of trash and waste products. As a reminder: bird feeders and pet food are also strong attractions to bears, and proper precautions should be taken to make these items inaccessible to bears.
There has also been a noted increase in bear activity regarding intrusions into houses and out buildings. It is recommended that people undertake the basic precautions of securing all doors and windows that may provide access for the bears into residences or buildings.
Food items left in vehicles can also be a strong attraction to bears, and people are encouraged to keep their vehicles free of food items that would attract them.
If anyone experiences a bear in their residence, they are encouraged to safely evacuate the premise until the situation can be resolved. It is recommended that the Crested Butte Marshal’s Office be notified of home intrusions involving bears. Contact the Marshal’s Office by calling Gunnison Dispatch at (970) 641-8000. If the situation is a true emergency, contact dispatch by dialing 911.
The Crested Butte Marshal’s Office, in cooperation with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, is actively addressing bears that have become a safety concern, with the ultimate goal of removing those bears from the town of Crested Butte.
Anyone with questions or concerns may contact the Crested Butte Marshal’s Office at (970) 349-5231 or the Gunnison Office of the Colorado Division of Wildlife at (970) 641-7060.

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