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Be here now

With the upcoming Quiznos Pro Challenge bike race scheduled to roll through the valley in August of next year, there is a flurry of focused activity. The organizers are passionate, smart and working to put on a successful couple of days of bike festivities in Crested Butte, Gunnison and Mt. Crested Butte. Thank you.
Every town council and county commissioner meeting seems to have a Quiznos update. After being asked, we in the office were brainstorming ideas to promote the event in and outside the valley, and we came up with some interesting thoughts that we passed on to one of the many committees working to help make the Quiznos Pro Challenge, or QPC a success.
But that got me thinking…

So the ski resort is this season celebrating 50 years of skiing on the impressive Butte that looks down on us. That’s pretty wonderful really and has provided a lot of good times for me, my family, my friends and most of us who live here. The resort is offering a few deals, holding some special events and trying to get the word out in the national ski press.
All that is good.
But while there is a loud buzz and high energy about promoting the Quiznos event that’s happening close to nine months from now, there is a much quieter hum about promoting what used to be the prime time in this valley…ski season. The Crested Butte town council now brings up Quiznos in almost every meeting. They have dug in and budgeted about $20,000 to help the event. Mt. Crested Butte council members are confident they will find a way to contribute, even in a super lean year.
Again, all good things.
But perhaps the council members and everyone here could take a portion of that energy and focus on the now. Be here now. Be here in the ski resort. Be here in one of the coolest downtown ski villages in the Rocky Mountains. Channel the Butteness baby!
Turn the lens for a just a few minutes and put some energy into getting the word out that we have a pretty incredible mountain here for real skiers and their families. Downtown is a gem as the local lodges are trying to get across to winter visitors. I’m not sure how, but the CB council could perhaps consider some ways to more flamboyantly welcome the winter visitors and get them re-excited about being here and then coming back…perhaps for the QPC.
Just taking a little more effort, a little more thought may spread the wealth for summer bikers and winter riders.
Hey, simply a quick early December thought and like everyone, I am looking ahead to something new in that August event. But, let’s not forget the fact that we are living in Colorado’s Last Great Ski Town and Lord knows, winter could use a little help too…

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