Monday, August 3, 2020

CBMR makes the most of sunshine and bluebird days

Spotlight on Mt. Crested Butte

Brown, grassy hills surround the Valley, but thanks to the hard work of the Crested Butte Mountain Resort snowmaking and grooming crews, 59 trails and 12 out of 16 chair lifts are running. Every lift but Teo, Twister, North Face and the High Lift is up and running. That makes for a total of 449 acres of skiing.



“The grooming team is doing everything in their power to keep the snow as well-manicured as possible. Honestly, they have done a phenomenal job and I would argue that our surface is one of the best in the state right now, from what I’ve heard about other areas,” said Erica Reiter, CBMR’s public relations and communications manager.
According to Reiter, snowmaking is done for the season—the resort has made as much snow as they can where they have snowmaking pipe. With talk of snow dances and sacrifices circulating about town, CBMR is pleased with the snow coverage they have, and Reiter says they’re choosing to look on the bright side.
“Honestly, the bluebird days are beautiful and we are fortunate to have them. So we’re embracing the sunshine and our holiday guests seem to really be enjoying it! When Mother Nature wants to bless us with an abundance of sunshine, we’ll take it and say thank you,” Reiter said.
Staying positive, the resort has turned its attention toward surprising guests with new holiday delights. Aiming to capture the majesty of the mountain, CBMR is using a giant spotlight to illuminate Mt. Crested Butte against the backdrop of the night sky. It’s even visible from town, and will remain lit through the start of the New Year.
December bookings were still on track with projections, Reiter said, but as the weather stayed sunny bookings did slow. Looking ahead to the rest of the ski season, “We need snow to really bump up the bookings. People are watching the weather in Colorado, and it’s not snowing so they’re holding back.”
So soak in the bluebird days, Crested Butte, and keep working on that snow dance.

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