Don’t be stupid

It’s time for a short and obvious editorial.
It’s not meant to scare but rather to remind everyone of the reality of the current situation.
Mother Nature can kick our butt so don’t give her the chance. The dry conditions are the worst in decades. A wildfire could happen here and make us another flame graphic on the state map. Do what you can to avoid that honor.
Fire restrictions have become stricter this week. Don’t screw around with campfires in the backcountry or even in campgrounds. Keep the fireworks in the closet. Be aware where you light up. Don’t ignore the idiot who thinks the rules don’t apply to him or her. It’s that sensitive.
And be prepared. The local safety officials have made it clear they won’t be running around trying to save your pet goldfish. It is up to you to know what to do if it all hits the fan.
The bottom line whether you live here or are visiting: Don’t be stupid. The consequences could be severe and the penalties hellish…literally.

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