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Clint vs. Betty? Tune out and enjoy Fall

How ‘bout that Clint Eastwood at the Republican Convention? Hilarious. And now the Democrats want to top it with Betty White? I want to pull the covers up and scream.
When you see the polls that say people in this country hate the politics and can’t be bothered to vote, I get it. It seems the two major parties have turned into machines bent on demonizing the other guy and with the ultimate goal to keep their opponent’s supporters at home on Election Day. Now, a few Republican Secretaries of State in swing states are doing their dastardly best to weed out “voter fraud” where none exists and that seems to be gaming the system a little too much to keep those pesky Democrats from casting a vote. Shameful. Thank goodness the courts are stepping up and calling a foul.
The bottom line is that being President must be a pretty sweet gig. The amount of money spent on trying to get the job and the extent that people seem to sell their souls to be a part of that process must have a huge pay off.  
But we all should try to rise above the crap that is consuming the national electoral process. The out-of-context quotes, the demonization, the pandering and total negativity. Look at the websites. Filter through the nonsense and find their real position. It’s there. Understand what the background and history of each candidate means. Then take a breath, hold your nose and cast a vote. Don’t let them keep you away from the polls.
And maybe, if we are lucky, those elected will find a grain of sanity after the election. Perhaps they will realize that the importance of country should come before the importance of political power. Maybe, in a time far, far away, the two political parties can find ways to work together on the things that really need tending in this country. Maybe. But that certainly won’t happen any time in the next few months…

Autumn, and in particular September, is one of the best months around this high mountain village. Crisp nights, clear skies and a more relaxed vibe than, say, July or March. The air pops with autumn colors and people can start to smell skiing. Clint vs. Betty in a MMA octagon cage match is a top talking point right now in the effort to elect “the most powerful man in the world”? Be thankful for the local election and the decent people running in Gunnison County but more important … enjoy this fall season. Turn off the political television ads. They will eat away at your brain and start to turn your soul to mush.

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