Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rasta Hairnets try for another post season run but fall short against Tully’s

“Swing above your boobs”

Last time I checked in on the Rasta Hairnets, they were a mess. But as the weeks progressed in the regular season, they bought a new bat, got the team back to full strength and were reminded of some advice from a long time fan to “swing above your boobs.”
The transformation was so drastic that even Matt Gutter, a quality player but not known for power, hit two dingers in one game including a game-winning three-run strike.
In addition, the Rastas have never been stellar during the regular season saving their best for the post season.
They got their first test Tuesday night as they faced Tully’s at Pitsker Field. The Rastas were coming off a win in the first game over the Hares who are working on a perfect season, of sorts.
Still, Tuesday nights have proven to be a hard one for the Rastas to field a team. Fortunately, they were up to full strength by the time they faced Tully’s. Unfortunately, while there physically, the Rastas weren’t all there mentally as a series of base running errors would lead to their undoing.
Tully’s defense set the tone in the first inning when Robyn Estes snagged at line drive at third base and fired to first for a double play. Two batters later the Rastas had runners on the move on a base hit to right field. Roman Kolodziej scored but when Betsy Kolodziej was sent home, Tully’s turned the relay and fired home to Sarah Vitale who pulled the ball at home to get the out.
Tully’s took a 2-1 lead on hits by Estes, Chuck Harmer and Tyler Williams but Rebecca Ares tied it back up with a RBI single in the top of the second. Aaron Tomcak stepped up with the bases loaded and one out and popped up and the Rastas did it to themselves again sending a runner home only to have Vitale pull in another throw to the plate for a double play to stop the Rastas.
Paul Moscatelli and Ian Baird connected to put Tully’s back on top 3-2 and again the Rastas tied it up but ended on another at bat with a third play at the plate by Vitale.
What’s that saying again? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time, well that’s just plain stupid. Third time was not the charm. Three was not the magic number.
By this time, Tully’s had had enough of the back and forth fun and games and proceeded to open up a four-run lead on the Rastas in the bottom of the third inning.
Again it was the Estes/Harmer combo platter that opened the rally. Estes doubled and then Harmer crushed a single-wall bat, RBI triple high off the netting in left field. Meghan Dougherty pushed Harmer home with an error-assisted RBI double and Emily Barbot tacked on another run with RBI single for a 7-3 Tully’s lead.
The Rastas chipped away at Tully’s lead over the next two innings. Scott Tyree led off the top of the fourth inning with a triple to the gap in left centerfield and scored on a single from Ares. Heather Tomcak then poked a grounder and a run scored but when Harmer faked the toss to first, he caught the runner on second going and tagged him out to end another Rastas uprising.
Well aware of the Rastas penchant for late game heroics, Tully’s added on three more runs to their slim lead in the bottom of the sixth inning. Dougherty poked a RBI single through, Williams roped a RBI double and Barbot put Tully’s on top 11-6 with a sac hit RBI.
The Rastas flirted with some of their classic postseason late game heroics in the top of the seventh down five runs.
Aaron and Heather led off with back-to-back singles and Roman crushed a two RBI double to left to pull the Rastas within three and no outs. Betsy singled and scored on an error-assisted single by Reed Betz but Tully’s shut the door just in time turning the next three outs to seal the 11-9 win.

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