Friday, September 20, 2019

Eldo wins battle of the bars at Big Mine

Molly Frame scores a goal

I don’t think there’s a more positive team in town league than the Eldo. The support among teammates borders on the sickening. Nevertheless, that positivity has carried them to two wins in the opening weeks and positivity can only go so far. At some point a team needs talent and the Eldo has that as well.
Not only do they have a knowledgeable and talented leader in Paul O’Connor, they have high school goalie Montana Wiggins in net, a talented core of midrange players and some of the top talent from women’s hockey in the valley as well. And then there’s Milosadik Wishecudski, who’s been described as “a special creature” in the most complimentary way.
They lined up Friday night against the Talk of the Town. The Talk, along with the Eldo, makes up two of the three corners of the Barmuda Triangle. Both establishments have taken money, self-esteem and pride from a majority of people living in and visiting the north end of the Gunnison Valley, also in the most complimentary way.
The two teams floundered through most of the first period with each trying to set up for perfect breakouts and perfect goals only to result in a scoreless eight minutes of whack f*** and figure skating.
The difference came in desire and the Talk had more through the first period, resulting in the first goal of the game nine minutes into the first period. The Talk capitalized on a face-off in front of the Eldo’s net, firing a shot on goal that bounced up and over Wiggins’ shoulder. While most players sat there and watched, Pete Sowar followed to knock the loose puck in and give the Talk a 1-0 lead.
He skis, he scores!
Realizing you can’t score without shooting, the Eldo picked up their game in the second period and started throwing the puck at the hole every chance they got. Hank Deroche anchored the Eldo defense turning away the Talk attacks numerous times and feeding the puck up ice and into the Eldo’s attack.
Wishecudski tied the game two minutes into the second period following on a rebound off a shot from Rachael Baskfield. Wishecudski did it again less than a minute later as the Eldo executed their informal Hail Mary play. A flick from the point into the slot bounced around and Wishecudski seized on the opportunity to punch home his second goal of the game for a 2-1 Eldo lead.
The Eldo train kept on rolling for the next shift with Mikey Weil setting up James Holton for the Eldo’s third goal.
Kevin Bramwell did what he could to try to pull the Talk back into the game, hustling back on defense to break up plays and carrying the puck up ice to fire shots on net, but Wiggins held off the ensuing attack with numerous saves.
The game opened up in the third period as tired legs gave way to breakaways up and down the ice. The Eldo’s line of Patrick Curvin, Weil and GJ Santelli made the difference down the stretch with inspired play in the neutral zone and the Eldo held on for the 3-1 win.

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