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Briefs Crested Butte

Sales tax revenue…up!
All we can say is that it (probably) won’t last forever but it isn’t stopping yet. Sales tax revenue is reaching double-digit increases and setting new records for the town of Crested Butte. December saw a 14.8 percent increase over 2013 and set a new record for the month, bringing in more than $283,000. Legal marijuana sales contributed $10,299 to the monthly coffers. For the year, 2014 set a new sales tax revenue record and was up almost 16 percent over 2013. For the 12-month period, $2,791,166 was collected.



Councilperson Chris Ladoulis has requested weekly sales tax numbers but town finance director Lois Rozman said local businesses have been asked to volunteer the information for a year and a half, and fewer than a half-dozen businesses supply the numbers. Rozman said the town is considering some software that might help delineate weeks.

Big Air likely a go
Town clerk Lynelle Stanford said she received an application for the Big Air on Elk special event last week. The event, which involves snowmobiles hauling skiers and boarders to a jump at Third and Elk, is slated for March 7. Everyone is keeping an eye on the thin snow situation.

Meetings and greetings
 Town manager Todd Crossett urged the council to participate in the One Valley Prosperity Project kick-off at WSCU on March 4. Crossett is a big proponent of the endeavor that he hopes will ultimately promote better collaboration on regional issues.
Town councilperson Glenn Michel is also a big fan of the program and asked the council to consider the opportunity in the planning process to not just find ways to attract more people to the valley but also to find the best ways to manage them while they are here.

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