Friday, February 22, 2019
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Briefs Mt. Crested Butte

by Alissa Johnson

December sales tax looking good

Final numbers weren’t in yet, but at a February 2 council meeting, town manager Joe Fitzpatrick said that December sales tax collection looks to be coming in at 15 percent above budget.

Lot line vacation

Council approved a lot line vacation in the Elk Run subdivision, combining two parcels into one. The owner of the two lots plans to build a guest house. Vacating the lot line and creating one parcel will allow the owner to build a 1,384-foot dwelling, which is significantly smaller than the average home in the subdivision.

There will be one driveway serving both structures. Neighbors had expressed concerns that the two structures could someday be connected into one structure, but council and staff determined the layout of the land and the way utilities are structured will prevent that.

Service plan changes

Reserve Metro District #2 has petitioned the town of Mt. Crested Butte to change its service plan. According to town manger Joe Fitzpatrick, the changes would allow the district to change the cap on its mill levy as part of the district’s efforts to refinance.

“Because of the [past] drop in valuation and all over town, the mill levy doesn’t generate enough money to make payments on the [district’s] bond. They are working with Compass Banks to refinance but need to change their mill levy to pull all this together,” Fitzpatrick said.

The exact amount for the mill levy is not yet known, but the council has set a public hearing on the matter for Tuesday, March 1. Any changes to the service plan would also affect Reserve Metro District #1.

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