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photos by Lydia Stern

gO Skimo Town Race Series Race #5 results

Women’s Race

Stevie Kremer 42:49

Sarah Stubbe 46:56

Joan Swift 51:10

Men’s Race

Patrick O’Neill 37:49

Travis Colbert 39:05

Jon Brown 40:01

Jonathan Cuppett 40:49

Jay Prentiss 40:54

Greg Chase 41:02

Peter Innes 41:40

Marcel Medved 42:20

Kevin Geisen 42:56

Cameron Smith 43:14

Nick Jordan 46:01

Andres Esparza 46:37

Ande Lloyd 47:52

Tyson Hausdoerffer 48:15

James Ward 48:57

photos by Lydia Stern
photos by Lydia Stern

Men’s Race continued

Martin Catmur 49:42

Benjamin Swift 51:09

Chris Segal 52:30

Andrew Breibart 54:40

Randy Swift 57:34

Elior Bilow 59:47

Men’s Rec

Craig Lastine 38:30

Overall Series Results


Pat O’Neill

Cameron Smith

Jon Brown


Sarah Stubbe

Stevie Kremer

Jari Hiatt

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