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Ice fishing tournament slated for Blue Mesa this weekend

Win some “ice cold cash”

by Stan Cola

Season three of Tightline Outdoors’ Ice Addiction Tournament Series comes to a climactic finish on Saturday, February 20 at Blue Mesa Reservoir at the Iola Boat Ramp. The Ice Addiction Tournament Series is one of the most exciting events to take place in the western outdoors.

This five-stop series is tailored to all ice anglers and offers an opportunity for big money and an incredible prize list, including a $3,000 prize for the single heaviest fish caught. From augers to electronics to high-quality outdoor gear, this tournament series offers a level playing field and an action-packed, fun-filled day full of giveaways, free coffee, Johnson’s Corner famous cinnamon rolls, and a nail-biting competition that anyone can win. Whether you want to compete, learn, or just have fun this event is for you.

Registration is open now.

—The registration/check-in tent will open at 5 a.m. All anglers must register/check-in before going on the fishing course. Once anglers are registered/checked-in they can go on the course to select their pre-drilled hole. Holes are first-come, first served. The tournament starts at 8 a.m. and ends at noon.

—Anglers are not allowed to drop their lines in the water until the 8 a.m. start. Anglers can use electronic depth finders to check depth before the event starts. Anglers that are competing in the Ice Addiction event must be off the Ice Addiction course by 6 p.m. the day prior to the event. No pre-fishing is allowed after 6 p.m. on the course or within 100 yards of the course.

—Anglers can bring as many rod/reels as they like and can move around to open holes as much as they like but are restricted to the use of one hole and one line at a time. Each angler can use legal methods of take and legal bait for that area and/or body of water. Bow fishing, spear fishing, and snagging are illegal during the event. All fish must be caught from the gill plate forward. Ice shelters or covers are not allowed during the event. Anglers must fish in the open.

—Ice Addiction staff will pre-drill all holes and anglers are required to fish in these pre-drilled holes. There will be 20 percent more holes than entrants so anglers have the opportunity to move around but anglers must attend their line at all times. Unattended lines are subject to disqualification.

—A warming house is provided by Mr. Heater. It will be set up on the edge of the course for all anglers to use prior to and during the event to get warm. There will be free coffee and Johnson’s Corner cinnamon rolls while supplies last.

For more information or to register check out

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