Monday, April 22, 2019
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Briefs Gunnison County

by Olivia Lueckemeyer

License approved for marijuana cultivation facility in Riverland

At a board meeting on April 19, Gunnison County commissioners approved the license for a 4,600-sq.-ft. marijuana cultivation facility to be constructed in Riverland Industrial Park. Director of community development Russ Forrest explained to the board that the department’s examination of the request found that it met all the criteria necessary for approval, such as the applicant’s lack of criminal history and the plan for odor control. Feedback was also solicited from the fire district and the sheriff’s office, neither of which expressed any concern. The state has completed a background check but a license has yet to be issued, probably due to the high volume of applications, Forrest said.

In his comments to the commissioners, Tom Rudder—who submitted the application via his business, TR Enterprises Limited—said he went by the book in designing and preparing the facility and “looks forward to operating a proper business and providing a good tax income for the state and county.” The commissioners unanimously approved the motion to approve the request; however Forrest reminded the applicant that the board’s approval is contingent upon the decision of the state, which is forthcoming.

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