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Snowmaking underway at CBMR

“Looking to make snow at every chance”

By Alissa Johnson

Don’t be fooled by the daytime temps. Thanks to some overnight lows dipping below freezing, snowmaking has begun on the mountain. With just two weeks until the lifts start running, the strip of white visible from Crested Butte is a welcome sight.

“Our snowmaking crew has been making snow from just below the top of the Red Lady Express all the way to the base,” Erica Rasmussen, Crested Butte Mountain Resort senior marketing manager, said. “While daytime temperatures have been a bit warm, evening temps have allowed for us to make snow from about midnight through 8 or 9 a.m. since Sunday night.”

“These solid eight or nine hours of snowmaking on a daily basis can really add up, and if we can expand our snowmaking efforts, we’d be happy to jump at that opportunity. We are looking to make snow at every chance so long as temperatures cooperate,” Rasmussen continued.

The progress at Snowflake Control adds to an already palpable energy at the ski resort. “There’s a special energy around here that can’t help but make you jazzed about the lifts getting ready to start,” Rasmussen said.

She reported that pass sales are on par with last year and emphasized that there’s still one more opportunity to purchase season passes at the pre-October 7 rate of $669 for the Peak Pass and $899 for the Peak Pass Plus at the Gene Taylors Sporting Goods sales event on Saturday and Sunday, November 19-20.

In the meantime, CBMR will keep making snow as temperatures allow. “We’re optimistic for cooler temps as time progresses and are looking to put as much snow on the mountain as we can this month!” Rasmussen said.

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