Saturday, June 6, 2020

McGuire retains Wonder Woman arm wrestling title

Gretchen Weber takes Princess title

by Than Acuff

KBUT’s women’s arm wrestling brings out a cross-section of the amazing female gender of Crested Butte, from petite dolls just looking for a little fun to brick s**thouses poised to crush all who stand in their way (of course no one, and I mean no one, will ever forget the infamous Lonesome Dove).

Ages ranged from mid-20s to older and the nicknames, while not nearly as raunchy as past years, did provide a colorful backdrop to the evening.

Organizers made the move to take the event to the big-time. After years of setting up shop in the Talk of the Town (not that the Talk isn’t big-time), KBUT made the move to the Lodge at Mountaineer Square ballroom, offering a kids’ competition earlier in the day and a venue that brought some pageantry to the adult event, complete with a center stage and chandeliers.

What ultimately transpired did not disappoint for a variety of reasons. For starters, there was a host of new talent taking a shot at the title. Secondly, the VIP area was nearly full with ringside bar service provided. And, lastly, defending champion Kelly McGuire was in the house to defend her 2016 title.

The evening started out as it often does, with a host of early-round bouts in both divisions that would showcase who was there to win, and who was there to party.

The crowd took early notice of Gretchen Weber, aka Rocky Mountain Gentian, during some of the opening Princess Division bouts as she handled her first opponent rather easily.

Two other women made some waves early as well in the Princess Division as both Sher and Shaniqua took the stage with icy glares and focused attention, and Shaniqua adorned in a one-piece velvet jumper. When they faced each other, the room was treated to a pre-bout kiss.

To be honest though, the room was noticeably waiting for defending champion Kelly McGuire to take center stage for her first bout and she did not disappoint. But before McGuire (aka McGuire’s on Fire, aka Katniss) stepped up, both Maura Roche (Rochie the Rivetor) and Annie Sauter (Calamity Annie) caused some stir in the Wonder Woman Division.

Rochie, a southpaw by trade, opened with a win, providing a vision of a future potential champion, while Calamity Annie registered the quickest pin of the night thus far, deflowering Flower Power in their match-up and adding some fuel to the Wonder Woman Division fire.

Once McGuire stepped up though, her point was made early and often as she fired through each opponent. Energy built up for her showdown against Calamity Annie but McGuire proved why she is the defending champion with the quickest win of the night in their showdown.

With contestants falling by the wayside as the night progressed, late addition X Ray Annie lost early in the Princess Division but battled her way through the loser’s bracket, gaining steam with each match.

Meanwhile, Rocky Mountain Gentian was dropping people left and right and the two finally met in the finals. X Ray Annie’s trip to the finals was furious but tiring and by the time she met Gentian, she was cooked and Gentian completed her perfect run all night to take the Princess title.

The night concluded with the Wonder Woman final rounds with Rochie the Rivetor clawing her way out of the loser’s bracket for another shot at McGuire. Rochie was strong and a worthy opponent, but McGuire’s combination of strength and technique that was honed during her early arm-wrestling days back in Los Angeles made the difference as McGuire took down Rochie to win her second arm-wrestling title in a row.

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