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Your guide to the 31st Annual Alley Loop

Skiers hit the streets on Saturday, February 4

by Crested Butte Nordic

Did you know that the Alley Loop is the biggest Nordic ski race in Colorado and it takes place right in downtown Crested Butte? Whether you are coming out to watch, race, or just put on a costume and glide around town, here is everything you need to know.

For Spectators: Where to Watch

When you have more than 700 people skiing through the streets and alleys of town, things can get pretty crazy. At the west end of Elk Avenue, you can watch racers try to make the downhill corner off of Old Kebler Pass as they come back into town for their next lap. Narrow bridges and alleys also make for good entertainment. Just make sure you don’t crowd any of these parts of the course. They are already narrow enough!

Don’t miss the start of the main event on Elk Avenue at 9:20 a.m. and the finish of the Alley Loop Nordic Marathon Champions around 11:15 a.m. The flowers ceremony takes place at noon on Elk Avenue, where the Alley Loop Nordic Marathon Champions will be awarded the $5,000 cash purse. Also, the kids race at 1 p.m. makes for some adorable entertainment.

Schedule of events on Elk

9 a.m.: 42k Classic Start

9:05 a.m.: 21k Classic Start

9:20 a.m.: 42k Skate Start—The main event!

9:25 a.m.: 21k Skate Start

9:35 a.m.: 10k Start. Costumes galore!

9:40 a.m.: 5k Start. Costumes galore!

11:15 p.m.: Estimated finish time for the 42k Skate Alley Loop Champions

12:00 p.m.: 42k Skate and Classic Flowers Ceremony; $5,000 Prize purse awarded.

1:00 p.m.: 3k Start; Kids Race

1:01 p.m.: 1k Start; Kids Race

1:45 p.m.: Kids Medals Ceremony


Volunteer for the Alley Loop and we’ll give you a free Alley Loop Nordic hat plus an invitation to our volunteer party at the end of the season. The Alley Loop is a monumental community collaboration and we couldn’t do it without the help of our volunteers and the entire community. Please take part in this amazing event by helping out.! You can even participate and help. Sign up at

The Pub Ski

The Pub Ski is a wacky spin-off of the Alley Loop Nordic Marathon. It takes place on Friday, February 3, the night before the Nordic Marathon. Participants ski from bar to bar on Elk Avenue, playing games, getting free drinks, and accumulating points. This is a great event for anyone 21 and older, whether you are a racer or a beginner. The Pub Ski sold out early this year so, unfortunately, there are no more spots. But you are still welcome to come ski around on Elk on Friday night!

Sign Up

You can register online at and save a few bucks. Or you can register at bib pickup on Friday, February 3 from 3 to 7 p.m.

SkiGo Wax Service

Crested Butte Nordic has partnered with SkiGo and Boulder Nordic Sport to provide you with faster skis, everything from the Basic LF to Pro Service. We service a maximum of 50 pairs of skis. To reserve your spot, call the front desk (970) 349-1707 or email Skis can be dropped off at the Crested Butte Nordic Center located at Second and Whiterock on Thursday afternoon.

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