Friday, December 13, 2019

CBMR summer operations kick off Saturday with Choice Pass day

Plans to open 16 trails, more on the way

By Aimee Eaton

Hard work and warm weather have come together for Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s summer opening this Saturday, and the stoke is high.

With all the effort needed to get the ski area ready for summer, including clearing snow from trails, the resort has focused its energy on the front side of the Evolution Bike Park and will open at least 16 mountain bike trails, with a solid mix of downhill and cross country riding. The base area pump track will also open.

Anticipated downhill trail openings include: Down Time, Lower Avery, Time Table, Hotdogger, Luge, Five Way, Awakening, Lower Awakening, Teaser, Sharpshooter, and Boulder Mason from the top via a short uphill from the bottom of Time Table, noted by signage.

Cross Country trails will likely include: Up and Away, Columbine, Painter Boy, Lower Westside, and Happy Hour.

“Lower Avery is one to definitely check out as there has been a heavy concentration on this particular trail with new and improved features,” said CBMR senior marketing manager Erica Rasmussen “The trails open this weekend will be riding well—they just had the whole winter sitting on them, aren’t dusty, and have been buffed out by our trail crew.”

The resort will be updating its website and Facebook page as additional trails open, added Rasmussen.

In addition to its bike trails, CBMR also hopes to open the Upper Mountain Access Trail and Yellow Brick/Silver Queen Road this weekend for hiking only. Hiking elsewhere on the mountain, including up the Peak Trail, is currently not permitted.

“Guests must please stay on designated hiking routes as, due to an abundance of snow this winter, possibilities of unforeseen objects exist and the remaining snow is hard and dangerous,” said Rasmussen.

The summer opening will kick off at 9:30 a.m. with both the Red Lady and Silver Queen lifts spinning. The Adventure Park and resort shops will also open.

Saturday will be a Choice Pass Day for valley kids who are part of the Choice Pass Program. CBRM will donate lift and Adventure Park access for the day along with half-price zip line tours and bike demos to Choice Pass participants.

“We are thrilled for another exciting summer on the mountain,” said Rasmussen. “There is definitely a buzz of enthusiasm up here for the new season ahead.”

Visitors to the resort this weekend are reminded to stay on the designated trails, respect trail closures, and abide by signage. For assistance and first aid during operating hours, call Bike Patrol at (970) 349-2236.

For hours of operation go to For emergencies after the lifts close please call 911.

For more information about summer passes, and pass prices, visit Summer pass prices will go up on June 12.

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