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Gunnison Valley School District cancels November election

Krill and Fullmer to be elected by proclamation

By Aimee Eaton

The Gunnison Watershed School District has canceled this year’s school board election.

The decision came after a Tuesday, September 5 special meeting to discuss the election in which two seats, the seat representing the area north of Round Mountain and a Gunnison seat, were to be open.

Marilyn Krill has filled the North Valley seat for the last four years, and Courtney Fullmer has sat in the Gunnison seat. Both women expressed interest in serving another term on the school board, and because no new candidates had filed the paperwork necessary to run for the seats, the women would have run unopposed.

“Both women have done a great job for the community and for the students,” said school district superintendent Doug Tredway. “They both completed the paperwork to be eligible for the election, but because we did not have people vying for the same seat, we can cancel the election and save the district some money.”

The women will be elected by proclamation in November.

Tredway said the district is confident in the current board and has received ample positive feedback from the community about the job it’s done.

“They really have been instrumental in ensuring we’re taking a look at the big picture items that are happening across the state and locally,” said Tredway. “From looking at our student success rate, to enrichment opportunities and employee housing, they’ve worked to continually move us forward as a district.”

School board members serve four-year terms with the goal of helping the district realize its mission to ensure the success of all students.

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