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Adaptive Sports Center looks toward spring groundbreaking

PUD process 50 percent complete

By Aimee Eaton

The Adaptive Sports Center is halfway through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process that once completed will launch the organization into the construction phase of its new $12.5 million facility.

The Kelsey Wright Building will be located in the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area at the site where the Trailhead Children’s Museum currently sits. The building will serve as the base of all winter operations for the ASC, and will also support summer programming.

Once the PUD process is complete, the ASC will need to complete one more building permit and design review.

“We’re hoping to be through that process by March,” said ASC executive director Chris Hensely. “That should put us on track to break ground in spring soon after the ski area closes. As long as nothing unforeseen comes out of the woodwork, we’re tracking as expected.”

Hensely said the ASC is currently working with the general contractor on the project to dial in the budget and fine-tune the details of the construction.

“We still have to shave a few dollars, but we’re getting there,” Hensely said. “We have $1.7 million more to raise. We need to raise $700,000 of that by springtime in order to meet the Downtown Development Authority’s challenge grant, and we’re pretty positive we’ll get there. Once we do that we should be within $1 million of our goal when we break ground.”

The need for the new building is more than apparent right now, as two groups have already been served so far this winter, and Hensley said the ASC is now in the thick of holiday madness with another group showing up on January 6. From now until the end of the season, said Hensley, the ASC is in full-go-mood.

And a quick note for those who might not be familiar with the Adaptive Sports Center and its programming: The ASC is a world-renowned program that operates year-round to enhance outdoor experiences for individuals with disabilities. The ASC provides activities ranging from biking and skiing to ice climbing and kayaking. More than 6,000 lessons are provided each year to more than 700 individuals and their friends and families.

For more information about the ASC, or to donate to the construction of the new Kelsey Wright Building, visit

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