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Despite rumors, Mt. Crested Butte police find no credible threat

Open dialogue is important

By Mark Reaman

As the Crested Butte rumor mill kicked into high gear over the weekend, local parents became cautious, the ski company became more aware and the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department increased its visibility at the base area.

The rumor involved the idea that a man living in Mt. Crested Butte had made threatening comments and insinuated a drastic action might take place on the ski hill Saturday, December 9. Crested Butte Mountain Resort officials and the local police have been aware of the man exhibiting what might be considered strange behavior since last month. CBMR security personnel had been told to be aware of the individual and call police if his behavior expanded beyond the strange.

Rumors of a specific threat Saturday put everyone on alert. The Mt. Crested Butte Police Department had a consistent officer presence at the base area all day Saturday with officers walking the area and engaging with skiers.

By Saturday afternoon the department had released a public press release stating that given the rumors, “Officers have had numerous conversations including visits to the individual’s home. On December 8, 2017, officers contacted the individual and were invited into the home for a thorough search of the residence and his vehicle. No weapons, or suspicious property were found and the individual continues to be cooperative and forthcoming with police officers, as has been the case since first contact.

“To date, police officers have not identified any original reporting party who has had direct contact with this individual and can relay a statement to fact, that a threat to the public has been made,” the press release also stated. “None of the behavior exhibited by this resident has been illegal.”

Mt. Crested Butte Police Department public information officer Marjorie Trautman made it clear there was never a credible threat to public safety. On Tuesday she said, “The Mt. Crested Butte Police Department greatly values the established relationship with our community. We encourage community members to continue the open dialog we enjoy as this allows police to do their work best, either by sharing information when it is appropriate, or informing the department of circumstances which may require our attention.”

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