Friday, October 19, 2018
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Listen to the mayoral candidates Thursday

See where they differ and what they want to know of each other

By Mark Reaman

Believe it or not the local election season isn’t over. Maybe you do believe it since it doesn’t look like snow season has even started—but that’s another story.

There is in fact a run-off for Crested Butte mayor taking place and qualified voters should have their ballots by now. If not, contact the Crested Butte town clerk.

Chris Ladoulis and Jim Schmidt were the two mayoral candidates who received the most votes last November but neither received 50 percent of the vote. So a new election is taking place between now and Tuesday, December 19.

The Crested Butte News and KBUT are teaming up to present a forum on Thursday, December 7 for voters to ask the two candidates about their positions. We have been soliciting questions that we can ask the two of them.

The forum will take place at the Mallardi Theater at Second and Elk and will be broadcast live over KBUT. People are invited to attend the event and, if there is time, those in the audience might be able to ask questions. The format will begin with each candidate giving an opening statement. We will then ask the questions people have sent us.

In a departure from past forums, we have asked the candidates to ask each other questions and respond to each other. Who knows how that might enlighten voters? Given the fact that both Ladoulis and Schmidt made their positions pretty clear during the November race, we expect this forum to last around an hour.

As an aside, the Mountain Theater will have its bar open, as this should be one of the highlights for early winter season entertainment. The forum will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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