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CB Horse Park development approved by commissioners

“Excited to move forward”

By Kristy Acuff

The Gunnison Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve the proposed Crested Butte Horse Park development, bringing to an end more than two years of public hearings and work sessions concerning the proposed project.

Despite objections from adjacent property owners voiced at Tuesday’s meeting, Kirstin Atkins and Heath Hansens can now move forward with developing an equestrian facility on the west side of Highway 135 at the intersection with Cement Creek Road.

The phased build-out includes a 30,500-square-foot indoor arena, nearly 3,000 square feet of horse sheds and pens, a hay shed and compost facility, as well as an outdoor arena and competitive trail course. The horse park will offer horseback riding lessons, clinics and competitions as well as boarding.

“I know there are strong opinions from the adjacent land owners about this proposal but we have conducted five public hearings on this and I don’t think there is any new information to be discovered or discussed,” said Commissioner Jonathan Houck.

“I just want to ensure that the berms promised by Mr. Hansens will be constructed appropriately and with forethought so they are durable and in the proper placements,” said Jack Silver, an attorney representing project opponents.

Commissioners voted to approve the project with the condition that contoured berms be constructed and maintain a minimum height of 10 feet to protect adjacent property owners from headlights and noise emanating from the parking lot and the arena during high traffic times.

“It has been a long process,” says Atkins. “We are happy to have the county’s approval and are excited to move forward.”

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