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Robinson appears in court for school lockdown

Judge grants additional time 

By Kristy Acuff

Former Gunnison Re1J School District psychologist Patrick Robinson appeared in court Tuesday, February 13 to request additional time before entering a plea regarding the charge of “Interference with School—Credible Threat,” which was filed in late December 2017.

Robinson’s defense attorney, Jon Schumacher, stated to the court, “There’s been quite of bit of discovery on this case and we request more time before entering a plea. We ask for more time to sort through the discovery. ”

Deputy District Attorney Josh Dougherty noted that on January 30, the district attorney’s office uploaded, “one-hundred and fifty pages of discovery” on the case, but did not go into details about the contents.

Judge Ashley Burgemeister granted Robinson’s request for more time and set March 6 as the date for the next “status conference” for the case. At that time, Robinson may enter a plea regarding the charge against him.

Robinson was arrested and charged with the Class 1 misdemeanor after he apparently made a threatening remark while in the Gunnison high school on the morning of December 21, 2017. His remark was enough to set the district’s emergency plan into action, which eventually resulted in lockdowns to schools in both Gunnison and Crested Butte.

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