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CB Hope updates

Trainings scheduled, posters are up, free services for those in need

By Cayla Vidmar

Approximately 35 attendees showed up to the second CB Hope meeting last weekend to discuss next steps and mobilization efforts on Saturday, May 19. CB Hope is a grassroots coalition started by Nancy Osmundson and Kathy Napoli to address the recent suicides in Crested Butte, and to support local citizens experiencing crisis.

The group is making headway in getting a conversation about mental health started. Nancy Osmundson, the founder of CB Hope and champion of mental health issues in the valley, said, “Everybody wants to play a role, and even when people aren’t sure what they want to do, they’re spreading the word and talking about it.”

Two trainings have been scheduled and are free for everyone in the community. On May 22, Chris Peterson, organizer of the Out of the Darkness suicide walk in Gunnison, held a “Talk Saves Lives” training at the Crested Butte Town Hall.

On June 11, Sally Spencer, a clinical psychologist and internationally known trainer, will present “Safe Talk” at the Crested Butte Town Hall in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. Brunch and dinner will be provided. For more information like CB Hope on Facebook. RSVP for events at

Posters with crisis information and phone numbers for local, state and national crisis centers have been designed and are currently being placed around town. Osmundson said bar owners are involving themselves in the conversation and want to get information out in the public in their establishments.

Many counselors and mental health providers in the community are offering free sessions to people in need. These sessions include health counseling, equine support, yoga, evidence based prevention and intervention, recovery and more. A rack card is being designed with info for these services, along with state and national services, and will be placed around town.

Many community members are stepping up in hopes of becoming trained as victim’s advocates to support the police department and provide assistance to families when a crisis arises. Trainings for this will be scheduled.

KBUT is also advertising crisis numbers, particularly during their evening shows. On Wednesday, May 23, the Crested Butte News and KBUT hosted a community forum featuring a panel of experts addressing community questions regarding suicide and prevention.

Overall, the community is picking up steam to support each other, to get trained in crisis assistance and to educate themselves on preventing suicides. For more information, to ask questions, to offer your services or ideas, and for event information, go to CB Hope on Facebook, and share the group with your friends so it can reach as many people as possible.

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