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Center for the Arts expansion project on time and on budget

This summer should be a good time for raising money

By Mark Reaman

The Crested Butte Center for the Arts expansion appears to be on time and on budget, reported Center board president Ed Schmidt to the Crested Butte Town Council on Monday, June 4.

The current Phase One construction is proceeding apace and Schmidt said the goal is to have a grand opening for the building in July 2019. He said the Center staff is already planning a big season of exciting performances in the new Center.

“The project speaks for itself,” Schmidt said. “It is fantastic space. We are offering hardhat tours to members of the public, and anyone who has participated is impressed.”

Thus far, the capital campaign has brought in $12.2 million in pledges and cash. The first phase of the three-phase project is estimated to cost $12.8 million in hard construction costs. Schmidt said the board is seeking another million dollars to upgrade several components of the theater.

“The goal for the coming summer is to raise another $5 million,” said Schmidt. “That will pay for the second phase, which will renovate the existing building, and phase-three, which deals with a new Alpenglow stage. We are still pursuing some major naming opportunities including a $3 million donation for the theater name. But we are also focusing on the community campaign this summer. Any donation matters and there will be chances for people to get their name on the community wall or on a seat in the theater. The goal is to begin Phase Two in August 2019.”

Schmidt says this summer is lining up perfectly to hit the finish line with fundraising. “This is the summer to obtain funds that take us right into Phase Two,” he explained. “Lots of excitement will be generated this summer as the building construction progresses. We had a great winter for construction, with little snow. The building really speaks for itself and as the roof goes on and the glass goes in, it will be impressive and people will see the vision.”

Crested Butte mayor Jim Schmidt said he and councilman Kent Cowherd took a hardhat tour of the facility this week and he was impressed. “It is really something to see how it is evolving. It is impressive.”

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