Saturday, July 11, 2020

Eldo cruises to 15-8 win over Elevate

Told you softball was dangerous

by Than Acuff

Even before the season started, one longtime player got hurt during a practice. Then another player shattered a bone in a game and two people pulled hamstrings during the early game Tuesday night.

The late game on Tuesday, June 12, fortunately, was relatively pain free as the Eldo coasted to a 15-8 win over Elevate.

Elevate came out swinging to score two runs on hits from Christian Allen, CJ Hoover, Amber Knight-McLoud and the longest RBI single by Jared Martin as he sailed a shot high off the netting in left field only to end up on first. Much like the “official” longest single in the majors when in 1974 Philadelphia Phillies player (you reading this Heather?) Mike Schmidt hit a ball 329 feet far and 117 feet high in the Houston Astrodome only to have it hit a speaker and fall into centerfield and was considered a live ball leaving Schmidt to run back to first during his home run trot and remain there with a single.

The Eldo responded in the bottom of the first inning scoring runs on a triple by Patrick Cashion, a sacrifice RBI from Mikaela Johnson, singles from Pip Bailey and Marjani Isreal and a RBI single by Ryan Huning.

The Eldo then held Elevate hitless in the top of the second inning including an incredible grab by Jennifer Vannatta in right and scored five more runs in the bottom of the second inning.

Trevor Dalton and Vannatta each connected for base hits and Jeff Hearn knocked one home with a single. Another scored as Hoover pulled off a human highlight reel diving toss to get the out at first, Kevin Williams tripled and scored thanks to Jess Ladwig and then Cashion cleaned it all up with a two run shot off of the Crested Butte Town Hall for an 8-2 Eldo lead.

The Eldo appeared on course for a good old Gothic field rout by the close of the third inning. More base hits from Bailey, Huning, Dalton and Vannatta (For all of your attorney needs call Bailey, Huning, Dalton and Vannatta) and a two run shot by Hearn (the shot Hearn round the world) had the Eldo up 13-2.

Elevate is never a team that gets discouraged though, and softball is a game where anything can happen, and they proceeded to mount some semblance of a comeback. Mckinley Lenker got it all going with a RBI double, Christian Allen connected for a sacrifice RBI and Becca Pavlik, a woman with one of the smoothest swings in all of softball, roped a RBI single. Hoover doubled and scored on a two RBI power bunt single by Knight-McLoud and Elevate was back in the game down just six runs.

Maybe it was the mosquitos, maybe it was the distinct smell of weed, maybe it was nothing at all but both teams cooled off the rest of the game. The Eldo tacked on a couple more runs, Elevate scored one more run, and the Eldo rolled to the 15-8 win free of consequence.

Again, fall on the job? Get in an accident? Get hurt in a town league softball game? Call Bailey, Huning, Dalton and Vannatta. That’s 1-800-SOFTBAL for all of your attorney needs.

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