Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Cottonwood Pass road construction update

Opening next spring

By Kristy Acuff

Work continues on the reconstruction and paving of Cottonwood Pass, with the Gunnison County (western) side of the pass slated to re-open next spring.

Construction also continues on the Chafee County (eastern) side of the pass that is tentatively scheduled to end in October.

Dirt work is ongoing to reconstruct 13 miles of the road that connects Gunnison County with Buena Vista before paving on the Gunnison County side can begin. Project engineers are still undecided about whether paving will commence this fall or next spring, according to Gunnison County public works director Marlene Crosby.

In the case that paving takes place next spring, the Gunnison side of the pass is scheduled to open with one-lane traffic.

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