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New safe route to school avoids problem intersection by CBCS

Getting students to use Eighth Street

By Mark Reaman

An effort is under way by the Crested Butte Community School and the town of Crested Butte to have people avoid the congested Seventh and Red Lady intersection at the start and end of the school day. The cock-eyed intersection backs up traffic when parents are dropping off or picking up their kids and is an unsafe area for pedestrians.

“Results of the traffic study indicate that the Seventh and Red Lady intersection fails as soon as pedestrians or bikers enter the intersection,” explained CBCS elementary school principal Sally Hensley. “The town staff, Crested Butte marshals, and the school district all feel strongly that all pedestrian and bike traffic should avoid this intersection.”

Hensley pointed out that Eighth Street has been designated a “Safe Route to School” for more than ten years. So the effort is to now funnel more children to that area. As part of that effort, town installed a new sidewalk on Belleview Avenue to direct students away from the problem intersection.

“In a collaborative effort to promote the safe route, the town, the creative district and the school are working together to install painted crosswalks, painted school logos and signs along the route,” said Hensley. “Residents on Belleview are impacted and we appreciate their understanding of this important issue.”

Hensley said both school and town representatives knocked on neighborhood doors to interact with the affected residents.

“We are asking all the people to be good role models to our younger citizens and avoid the Seventh Street and Red Lady intersection when walking or riding to and from the school,” concluded Hensley.

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