Friday, September 18, 2020

Rastas fall to Rent-A-Gades in final game of season

“Vodka gummy bears? Beer? White Claw? Weed?”

by Than Acuff

A late 20th century philosopher once wrote, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Those words of wisdom rang loud and clear in my head Wednesday night when I arrived at the game between the Rasta Hairnets and the Rent-A-Gades at Pitsker field. Not only were both teams wearing a variety of costumes, but also when I approached the Rastas bench to get the batting order, a player immediately offered me some pregame nutrition.

“Vodka gummy bears? Beer? White Claw? Weed?”

I declined, but the juxtaposition of the costumes and the offering all in the shadow of our brand new arts center proved that, in fact, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Not only that, but the Crested Butte Town Hall voicemail has been down for three months so they’re back to written messages.

Thank God, Martians, Mother Nature or whoever is in charge of the universe.

Love this place, still.

Nevertheless, it was apparent that both teams were up to something that night, or not much at all, as they were on pace to tie the record for least runs scored before a late game rally carried the Rent-A-Gades to a 5-1 win.

Truth be told though, winning was the furthest thing from the two teams collective minds; it was more about the fun.

The Rastas were first to get on the board as Lucas “Mater” McMullen-McManness-McManus led off with a double and then scored on a sac fly from Jordan “Lieutenant Dangle” Willoford in the bottom of the first inning.

The Rent-A-Gades looked more like themselves in the top of the second inning as Jeff Snyder and Jess “Viking Queen” Johnson each singled. But the Rastas recorded two outs in a row to deny third base until Brett “Monsters Inc. Sully” Palmer connected for a RBI single to tie the game 1-1.

Palmer followed his hitting skills with some defensive skills chasing down a fly ball in his Sully suit and then tossing to second base for the inning-ending double play exclaiming “not in my closet!”

Despite constantly being eaten by a shark, Ryan McCudden led off the top of the third inning for the Rent-A-Gades with a triple to deep centerfield. Jake “Dinosaur Train” Ellis drove him home with a single to left and the Rent-A-Gades were set to blow the game open but the Rastas defense was in full denial. Lynn “Bee” Moore leapt up behind the plate to pull down a foul pop and Rasta pitcher Aaron Tomcak flagged down a line drive and scooped up a ground ball to stop the Rent-A-Gades in their tracks.

The bench supplies of libations then appeared to start taking hold as the two teams made their way through the next couple of innings without much of anything going on.

The Rent-A-Gades managed to push one more run across in the top of the sixth inning as Ellis singled and scored when Snyder hit the ball and the Rastas played hot potato with it.

McCudden scored two more Rent-A-Gades in the top of the seventh inning with a two-run error-assisted inside the park home run. The biggest highlight of the game came from Rasta first baseman Roman Kolodziej when he stretched, full extension, to pull in a toss on the short hop and get the out.

Unfortunately, while the Rastas defense seemed somewhat stout all game long, their offense was not, and they failed to generate any threat at the plate falling 5-1.

Wednesday league playoffs have begun and, due to the single-elimination format, will end Wednesday, August 15 with the Pitas OGs the hands-down favorite to repeat as champions.

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