Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Brief lockout implemented at CBCS

Very precautionary and no threat

By Mark Reaman

A brief “lockout” at the Crested Butte Community School and Stepping Stones was put into effect Tuesday afternoon about 2 o’clock. The lockout lasted about ten minutes.

According to Gunnison School District superintendent Leslie Nichols, the action took place at 2:10 p.m. and was “was prompted by town of Crested Butte chief marshal Mike Reily in response to an outside community concern. The Marshal’s Office resolved the issue and communicated this to the school immediately.”

Reily said the action was very preventive in nature. “A very precautionary lockout at CBCS and Stepping Stones was implemented,” Reily said. “This happened after incorrect information was forwarded regarding child custody limitations. When we were unable to locate one of the parents, but all signs were they were at one of the schools, we asked both schools to go on lockout until the parent could be located. The schools did a great job taking care of the kids and it turned out there was no threat.”

Nichols said students were told of the lockout through an announcement on the public address (PA) system. The lockout was also terminated by an announcement over the PA.

“Lockout is used to secure the inner perimeter of the school when a threat of danger is outside the school building,” Nichols explained. “School business continues as usual during lockout except that any entry to or exit from the building is only under supervision by Incident Command.

“The CBCS thanks parents for getting information about emergency responses through the texts, emails, and phone calls generated through our School Messenger system,” Nichols added. “Parents can check with the school office if they are concerned they are not receiving emergency messages.”

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