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Major property at the base of Snodgrass is under contract

Developer mulling over options

By Mark Reaman

A major parcel of land once expected to be a major population center in Mt. Crested Butte is under contract to be sold to a potential developer. The North Village property at the base of Snodgrass Mountain on the northern edge of town is under contract to be purchased from the Mueller family and the developer is currently performing due diligence on the property to ascertain how it can best be developed.

While no one would officially disclose the name of the buyer until the deal is concluded, several people have confirmed that the property is under contract and the purchaser is using his time for due diligence to explore options on what to do with the property. A decision will likely be made by sometime early next year. When Vail Resorts purchased the ski area, the deal with the Mueller family did not include the North Village holding on Snodgrass.

The North Village parcel is 136 acres and is currently zoned as a planned unit development (PUD) in Mt. Crested Butte. Of the 136 acres, the town owns 17 acres located near the town hall.

The current PUD approval that was amended in 2002 allows for 1,800 residential units along with potential commercial space. The property was once meant to serve as a major base area if the U.S. Forest Service approved ski lifts for Snodgrass, which it did not do.

Mt. Crested Butte community development director Carlos Velado said the original PUD remains in effect but if the proposal changed significantly, then a new PUD application would be required. “This is probably the most likely scenario as we do not anticipate a development plan based on the existing PUD,” he explained in an email. “Determination on whether a new application would be required would lie with the Town.”

Erica Mueller said she could not comment on the contract, purchase price or the potential buyer’s future plans.

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