Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ska Brewing cruises to 3-1 win over Altitude

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by Than Acuff

Actually I can.

donald trump is a fat f… no, no I just can’t. That would be dropping down to his level and I can’t do that.

Actually, I can and will, it just seems so right.

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Nope, too busy.

donald trump is a fat fuc… well, you get where I am going with this.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being fat.

In the meantime, Ska Brewing and Altitude Painting squared off in town league hockey action Monday night and it was apparent through all three periods that Ska Brewing has an immediate advantage over several town league teams based solely on their play in the Gunnison Fall league.

Note to team owners: If you want to build a successful franchise, force your teams to play Fall league. It’s like the Cactus League or Pineapple League for major league baseball, just colder.

Their skating is better, their passing is crisper and their team play is more cohesive. Yet as the season wears on, that will wear off, so never mind.

But for now, Ska Brewing looks pretty damn good, or did at least against Altitude Painting. It may have also been the fact that hockey coach and father of Ska Brewing player Ashley Brown was at the game as well, offering tips to the team.

Regardless of the reason for their quality play, Ska scored in the first three minutes into the game as Michael Fabre skated to a loose puck, drew two Painters and slipped the puck across to Dylan Curtiss to score.

But it wasn’t their offense that made the difference; they also proved uncanny in getting back on defense as a team. While Altitude Painting players Alex Banas, Carlee Drobnik and Emerson Wohlers all looked to press into the Ska zone with solo efforts up the ice, Ska had three, sometimes four, players back and in position to turn away the solo attacks.

Ska added a second strike nine minutes into the first when Doug Collins hustled to keep the puck inside the blue line, setting up Kent Preston in close and a 2-0 Ska lead.

And it wasn’t all their defensive work either that helped Ska create an early advantage, because the few times Altitude Painting did break free to get shots on net, Ska goalie Hunter Dunleavy made the necessary save.

Altitude opened the second period with a little more attitude looking to cut into Ska’s lead. Altitude goalie Shawn Harrington continued doing his job to hold off the Ska shooters and Banas finally broke through to stuff the puck in the upper corner to pull Altitude back to within one and skating strong.

But, Ska had seen enough with two minutes left in the second period as Fabre skated up the left side, around the back of the goal and then back around to the high slot to slip his shot through traffic and past Harrington for a 3-1 lead.

Harrington was spot-on in goal in the third period but his team struggled to score and Ska held out for the 3-1 win.

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