Gunnison County COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Hosted by the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley (CFGV) the local Gunnison Valley COVID-19 Recovery Fund will provide flexible resources to organizations working within our communities that are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus. The Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund will assist nonprofits and appropriate public entities in meeting extraordinary needs. Initially, priority will be given to 1) those entities serving the most vulnerable populations in Gunnison County (those most disproportionately affected by the virus) and 2) to meeting unmet and necessary immediate needs.
The Fund is designed for rapid response to community demand and can adapt to evolving needs in subsequent funding phases, given adequate funding. Guidelines and a simple application for qualifying agencies will be available on the Foundation’s website ( by late Thursday. CFGV expects the first round of grants to be made the first week in April with the first deadline for applications Monday, March 30th at 5:00pm. The application is a simple, one-pager.
CFGV will balance our commitment to distributing the generous support of donors to nonprofits and qualified public health agencies working on the frontlines in an expedited manner, while following best practices in disaster recovery grantmaking. A Grantmaking Advisory Committee comprised of community members who reside across the County, as well as Community Foundation staff, will review grant applications and will make funding recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, who are ultimately responsible for all grantmaking.
Grants will be released on a rolling basis as funds are raised. Two families were the first donors – one at the $100 level and one with $15,000. Donations continue to come in. There is no donation too small or too large to meet this crisis. Every penny counts and the success of the immediate response and subsequent funding is dependent on everyone who loves this Valley participating at a level meaningful to them. Donations may be made by credit card on the CFGV website, by check (mailed to Box 7057, Gunnison, CO 81230) or even with the transfer of stock. CFGV staff will help you make your donation in the most comfortable way for you. If you have questions, please call Lauren at 970-209-9675.
There is no question that funding is extremely important. Also critical is following health guidelines and social distancing so we can get through this immediate crisis. Isolation can be disconcerting. Keeping a regular daily routine will help as will reaching out to family, friends and neighbors. Get outdoors, ride your bike, take walks. If you can, help someone (keeping that social distance). Deliver food to those who can’t get out, make a call to someone you know has a hard time with isolation. Keep an eye out for your neighbor. And, please remember to continue to give to the nonprofits closest to your heart; they need you now.
Eventually this crisis will pass, as will the fallout from it. Take this opportunity to hone your community-loving skills and reach out with your treasure and your time and talents to help each other.

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