Altitude Painting peels under Kochevar’s pressure

“We need a new paint job”

[ by Than Acuff ]

So, my wife brought home a vision boarding packet from the library and in it was an issue of the magazine Luxe. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Luxe but, suffice it to say, there’s a lot of pictures of places in Florida, Aspen and Boulder that I, and probably you, will never live in, be near or even visit.

But why should we, as it seems the people that live in Luxe are now coming to live here. As for having the magazine in the vision boarding packet, I don’t know much about vision boarding, nor do I have the time for a hasty Internet search turned rabbit hole, so I’m going to go with my gut, much like former president George W. Bush, and assume that vision boarding has something to do with envisioning your potential? Or potential of your future? Or how your potential, once realized, will determine your future.

Seeing other people’s exorbitant wealth, at least for me, makes me consider water boarding while I’m vision boarding.

I’m going to stick with Chevy Chase in Caddyshack.

See your future, be your future, make, make it. Make your future.

Speaking of potential realized, or in this case not realized, Altitude Painting did not realize their full potential when they fell 6-2 to Kochevar’s in town league hockey at Big Mine Ice Arena Monday night.

I’m not sure if vision boarding would have made the difference though as Kochevar’s was flying around the rink for nearly all three periods.

Altitude Painting came out matching speed with Kochevar’s for the opening minutes of the game led by the speed of Hailey Pike through neutral ice. Kochevar’s held on through the opening minute and then turned up ice with a full frontal assault on Altitude’s net. Altitude goalie Lucas McMullen made the initial save, or rather saves, but a swatfest ensued and eventually Matty Cahir poked the puck to Connor Mog and Mog knocked it through.

A minute later Sam Reaman skated coast-to-coast to score and put Kochevar’s up 2-0 and then Isaac Long showed the young guns how it’s done taking the puck just above the faceoff circle and blasting it in off the far post for a 3-0 lead.

While the score may not show it, McMullen was having himself a game even making saves with the handle of his stick but Kochevar’s relentless attack soon produced a fourth goal as Jake Sunter skated in off the blue line to score for a 4-0 Kochevar’s lead.

Daniel Downing looked to split two Kochevar’s players and spin one in but was denied and Kochevar’s was well on their way to a monstrous blowout causing an Altitude player to state, “we need a new paint job.”

The Kochevar’s onslaught subsided though as the team defense of Altitude Painting and goaltending of McMullen held Kochevar’s at bay for an entire period. The only problem was, their defensive work left little to offer on offense. Erik Berglund and Jack Seiver looked to connect on a couple plays and Seiver set up Kyle Koelliker in the slot but Kochevar’s goalie Devon Carrillo made the needed stops and the two teams played a scoreless second period.

Alex Banas and Downing came close to cracking the seal on Kochevar’s net early in the third but it was a cross ice pass from Izzie Dethloff to Seiver that finally resulted in a goal as Seiver picked the far post with little to no angle available.

Things were looking up for Altitude and then heads went down again as Sunter sped into the offensive zone and left a no look pass on a platter for Sam Evans to fire past McMullen for a 5-1 Kochevar’s lead.

Long and Reaman connected for another Kochevar’s goal two minutes later but Altitude got one last spark to cap the overall scoring scene.

After another set of crazy saves from McMullen, Altitude transferred his effort into a team attack up ice. With nothing left to lose, Altitude drove to the front of the net and Nichols found the finishing touch for Altitude’s second goal of the night. But, six is more than two and Kochevar’s finished with the win.

I’m going to vision board myself eating a Double Heifer at Crested Butte Burger Company.

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