Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Amusing (to me) stuff

It is busy and finally feels like Spring Break. Out-of-towners are speeding through town because apparently they can’t imagine their vehicle …

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Getting Trumped

Like so many, I’ve been sucked into the political black Trump hole. Watching Donald J. Trump trump the Republican JV team …

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Reality check

As I rode the chairlift with some guys here on a trip to ski and watch the Super Bowl (Go Broncos!), …

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Striking a deal

At Monday’s special Town Council meeting, there was some but not a lot of love from a dozen members of the …

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Why bother?

Dear Crested Butte: Pottsville, Northern NSW, Australia. Heard of it? Doubtful. Heard of Byron Bay? Most have. About 20 kilometers north …

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