Monday, August 19, 2019


Profile: Alex Garza

Getting sorted into 81224 By Dawne Belloise Patience is one virtue Alex Garza has learned and he marvels at the generally …

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Profile: Ayla Scott

Royalty of Cluckingham Palace By Dawne Belloise It’s not Ayla Scott who greets you at the former saloon doors of the …

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Profile: Kathleen Mary

Of Shakespeare and Tribbles By Dawne Belloise Tribbles the cat stares unwaveringly at Kathleen Mary from his perch on the small …

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Profile: Meaghan Young

Silver lining By Dawne Belloise As the hillsides have suddenly turned into a lush green in contrast to the seemingly never-ending …

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Profile: Murray Banks

Life Teacher By Dawne Belloise Although he taught physical education for decades, Murray Banks never wanted to be called “coach.” It …

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