Friday, April 20, 2018
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Commercial Rentals

COMMERCIAL LIGHT INDUSTRIAL OFFICE SPACE with garage. 1034 square feet, on the river in Riverland Industrial Park. $1450 a month includes utilities. Please call 970-209-4094. (4/20/25).

SHOPS FOR RENT: Riverland Industrial Park. Downstairs shop, 1200’ can be divided. 2nd floor: 3’ above grade. 2 available at 1500’ each. John 970-209-3564. (4/20/24).

OFFICE SPACE ON ELK: 700 sq.ft. of office space located at 111 Elk, second floor. Private 1/2 bath, shared balcony overlooking Elk. $1,000/mo. Kristin 970-349-6339. (4/27/26).

STORAGE UNITS AVAILABLE for rent in Riverland. 8 x 20 ft. 970-275-1703. (4/20/12).

SHARED OFFICE SPACE in downtown Crested Butte. 301 Belleview. Best office space in town, Ethernet, kitchenette, 2nd floor deck. Shared printer and plotter if needed. Ideal space for graphic artist, engineer, architect, etc. Existing business devoted to town planning and urban design. $350/month no utilities. Call Dave at 970-215-0451 or Lisa at 970-497-6984. Available now. (4/27/56).