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Profile: Schnoid

The Life and times of Jeff Schneider


When Jeff Schneider started building his house on Teocalli and First Street in 1978, the upper west end was just an empty space with no trees. It was just mine tailings and open views south to Gibson’s Ridge, north to Paradise Divide and the old dirt trail road leading to Peanut Lake curved up at the end of his street. The house took Jeff five years to build, while he lived in a van parked outside. He feels it was one of his great accomplishments—and that’s saying something for The Schnoid.
So, what the hell is a Schnoid? Jeff thinks his local given nickname was fashioned from Mr. Snoid, a character created by the artist R. Crumb of the early 1970s psychedelic Zap Comix era. 

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PROFILE: Roxana De Los Angeles Alvarez Marti

Roxana Alvarez sits at a table at the Ginger Café with her son, Cash, who is fingering morsels of appetizers while spouting hilariously clever snippets worthy of a precocious ten-year old.
Between bites and banter, Roxana’s story unravels like a frayed but colorful skein of yarn, beginning in post-missile crisis Havana, Cuba, where she was born.
Most school kids in the United States at the time were learning how to “duck and cover” under their desks. In Cuba, Roxana’s parents were studying at university. Her mother was going to be an architect, her father an accountant, but both were forced by law to quit when they refused to pledge themselves to Castro’s Communist Party.
Like many women at that time, Roxana’s mom dropped out of university and was living with her mother. “And that’s where I was born,” in the house built by her grandfather, says the woman with the almond eyes. Read More »

Planning Commission says yes to Eleven’s sketch plan for Irwin

Eleven’s quest for domination continues

The potential expansion of commercial property in the Irwin area moved closer to reality last week as the Gunnison County Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend the Eleven company’s sketch plan for development to the Board of County Commissioners for approval. Read More »

Profile: Rick Barton

The man of many cloths

At the Crested Butte Ski School, instructor Rick Barton is exchanging warm, comical banter with a fellow skier, “We really enjoy him because he sets the bar so low,” he jokes and elicits a big grin from the guy. There’s a sincere and compassionate tone in Rick’s voice, a joyous sense of humor, and an undeniable sparkle in his eyes that says he is happy with his world. 

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Planning Commission refining Irwin draft plan

Project will likely move forward under Major Impact heading

The Gunnison County Planning Commission met on Friday, December 6 to continue refining its draft recommendation on the proposed Scarp Ridge LLC sketch plan. Once the draft is complete, the recommendation will be sent to the Gunnison County Board of Commissioners for consideration. Read More »

CB Council begins deliberations over affordable housing proposal

Trust funders need not apply to
Caddis Flats…

The Crested Butte Town Council Monday night asked questions and requested information about the 30-unit, three-story affordable housing project being proposed next to True Value at Sixth and Belleview. The council did take the first step toward approval as they agreed to hold a public hearing on changes to the zoning code that would allow a T (Tourist) zoned lot to accommodate 100 percent affordable housing units. That public hearing will be held December 2. Read More »

Group makes serious run at CBMR purchase

Nothing finalized yet.
Potential buyer not disclosed…

While no sales contract has yet been signed, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) management executives are in serious talks with a potential buyer. The signing of a formal sales contract is possible before the end of the month, but as with any business dealing, nothing is done until it is done. Read More »

Extensive public comment on Irwin sketch plan concluded

Trail, noise and traffic seem to be at crux of public concern

The second day of public comment over the proposed master plan presented by Scarp Ridge LLC (a.k.a. Irwin and/or Eleven) to expand their resort activities above Lake Irwin ended with the Gunnison County Planning Commission scheduling a work session to discuss the matter in November. Read More »

One man’s grease is another man’s fuel—and soap

“There’s a special affinity for Crested Butte…”


By any man’s definition, Dara Lor is the self-reliant type. Neither his truck nor his toys are new. “Sustainability, turning junk into good stuff, that was my lifestyle for years,” he said. It still is. In 2006, Lor purchase an especially large toy that nurtured a passion and launched a career. 

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