Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Crested Butte approves slow expansion of retail pot

Council dealt a full house for public hearing

After more than three hours of public comment and council discussion, the Crested Butte Town Council approved an ordinance Monday night regulating the retail sale, testing and production of recreational marijuana in town. The ordinance keeps pot shops off of Elk Avenue but will allow it in both the C-zone and in the B-2 business zone along Sixth Street. Shops can be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. No more than five distribution locations will be allowed throughout town but any one location will be permitted to service medical or recreational clients or both through dual licensing. Read More »

Gettin’ Hitched in the Butte

Beauty brings wedding boom to the area

Here comes the bride—literally. Actually the brides and the grooms, the preachers, flower girls and the grandmas and everyone else who gets to attend a wedding in a beautiful spot, with everything you need for a memorable day. Read More »

Briefs Mt. Crested Butte

Town’s wildlife ordinances proving effective
Town manager Joe Fitzpatrick told the council Tuesday, July 2 there have been a few bears wandering around town, but because of the town’s wildlife ordinance, and people’s adherence to it, there have been noticeably few wildlife encounters this season.
“We definitely still have some bears drifting through town, but they aren’t used to having garbage so they move on,” Fitzpatrick said. “[The ordinance] has been enforced, and is being enforced. It’s been successful, and that’s for the benefit of the bears as well as the public.” Read More »

RMBLing into the social scene

Science community reaches out


Five miles beyond the Mt. Crested Butte ski resort, at 9,500 feet in altitude under the sheer rock gaze of Gothic mountain, lives a summer enclave of researchers at the Rocky Mountain Biological Labs (RMBL) field station.

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Briefs Crested Butte

Economic prosperity sounds like Bon Jovi!
Neighborhood noise is becoming an issue throughout town as the busy-factor amps up for summer. The town received several complaints from citizens who said they didn’t like the loud music coming from a wedding reception held at Big Mine Pavilion on June 29. Read More »

Work, ethic

I have hired people.
I have fired people.
I have worked jobs that I was bad at (wine waiter and bar bouncer come to mind).
I have been fired by people. (see above).
I have been a boss, an owner and a grunt. I’ve washed dishes in the kitchen at a ski resort and worked three days straight without sleep because I owned the business.

And with all the talk of “work ethic” in this town I must say that I’ve seen some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met doing it here. Some own the business. Others just work at a business. But certain people around here take obvious pride in their product. I’ve also seen some of the biggest slackers ever. Welcome to life in a resort town.

The bottom line that might be remembered by everyone in the CB working climate—no one in recent memory moved here just to work. People work in Crested Butte to live in Crested Butte. To ride their bikes, to hike the mountains, to run the rivers and ski the slopes.
Most of us could probably make more money spending eight hours a day in a cubicle or owning a shop in a metropolitan downtown. But we’d be in a cubicle or a metro. We all choose to live in a small mountain community and take the fruits and trade offs of that. If the choice is a powder morning or picking up another shift, 99 out of 100 will choose pow. It’s the high mountain culture.

Whether you are a grunt in the background or the big kahuna at the front of the house, don’t forget why it is we are here. Look up from the computer or kitchen line or spread sheet and check out the mountains, the rainbows and rivers.
Very few people move to 9,000 feet in paradise to build their resume or climb a corporate ladder. It is to live. And living here is different than living in a city. For that we should find gratitude every day…whether you are the owner or the dishwasher.
If nothing else, the recent community discussion might be a reminder to the workers and the bosses—that through it all, respect and hard work make it possible for all of us to live…and (more importantly) play here.

Here’s to a summer of fun, respect and prosperity for all. Work hard. Play harder.

 —Mark Reaman

Kids Summer Program Guide

Are you looking for fun and educational activities for your kids this summer?

Do you have family or friends coming for a visit and would like to know of all the options to keep kids entertained while the adults play?

Here is a comprehensive list of summer activities for children of all ages.

From art and dance to rock climbing, mountain biking, adventure play and nature tours there is sure to be something perfect for the younger generation to do in the East River Valley this summer!

Enjoy! Read More »

Profile: Paula Dietrich



Me? I’m not worthy,” laughs the Royal Has-Been Flauschink Queen Paula Dietrich when asked to be this week’s profile. She had the dubious honor of being crowned in the 35th year of the distinctly Crested Butte event in 2003.


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Profile: Dano Marshall

He was hired out of Hiram College in Ohio because of the well-known Midwestern work ethic, which was presumably better than the Colorado ski bum’s powder-day-religion principles—at least that’s what the Crested Butte ski resort owners at the time thought when they hired on a gaggle of them for their student employment program. Dano Marshall was one of those who gleefully took a semester off to work as a lift op.

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