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Hinsdale sheriff investigating murder case

Texas man charged with drowning his wife

A 49-year-old Texas man has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in an incident that occurred outside Lake City in Hinsdale County four years ago.


Frederick Mueller was arrested outside San Angelo, Texas this week and booked into the Tom Greene County Sheriff’s Office jail on Monday, February 6. Extradition proceedings are under way between Colorado and Texas.
According to a press release from Hinsdale County Sheriff Ronald Bruce, Mueller is accused of murdering his wife.
The investigation began when Leslie Mueller died by drowning May 3, 2008 on Cottonwood Creek, between Cataract Gulch and Cuba Gulch. After four years of investigation, law enforcement officials requested that Mueller be arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.
District Court Chief Judge Steven Patrick issued the arrest warrant.
Sheriff Bruce, along with undersheriff Justin Casey, Colorado Bureau of Investigation agents and Texas Rangers are in Texas continuing the investigation in San Angelo. As a result of the manpower shortage, Summit County is providing police coverage in Hinsdale County.
Sheriff Bruce said “Considerable work remains for all involved parties in the coming months,” in regard to the continuing murder investigation and potential trial. Seventh Judicial District Attorney Dan Hotsenpillar will oversee the case. 

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