Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Use your voice

The campaign season is almost over. Thank God. The season is more than ready to be finished, given the tsunami of crap being spewed on the national level. Living in a “swing state,” we get the “privilege” of seeing all the political commercials, taking all the political robo-calls and experiencing all the political candidates dropping in. But it is time for it to end. Nothing new is being generated except commission checks for the television advertising guys.
But keeping it in perspective, let’s remember that locally, we have good candidates running good campaigns. Each has stepped up and exposed their personalities to the public. Thank you. Win or lose, we appreciate the mostly civil conversation.
Nationally, it is purposefully more shaded. The charges and accusations, the flips and the flops, the over-the-top finger pointing has become shrill. We will all breathe easier when the “approved messages” take their leave.
The bottom line is that it is time to vote if you haven’t already. Those who won’t take the time to cast a ballot are being lazy. Choosing not to participate in the election as a citizen is not a political statement. There are ample ways to make political statements, and not voting is the lamest one.
I voted last week and can tell you firsthand there is plenty of choice on our ballot. If you want to make a “statement” and you don’t like Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney for president, I noticed Roseanne Barr is a choice. So are Gloria La Riva, “Rocky” Anderson, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and 10 others. They are all choices you can check for president of these United States on your ballot. Send that message but take the responsibility to vote.
You sort of owe it to the local guys. They have been out there for months knocking on doors, going to Rotary Club meetings, pounding signs into the dirt, attending chili fundraisers, buying beers, all in an effort to engage the local voter. That’s you. Heck, I saw in the police report that one of the candidates got reported to the cops for trespassing. It’s rough out there as a candidate.
So take the 10 minutes and perform what many would say is your civic duty. Be a responsible citizen. Fill in the boxes and be proud that you live in a place where you have a voice—even if you use your voice to vote for Roseanne Barr for president.

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