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Deputy county attorney to continue working through CBI investigation

Officials express confidence

Gunnison County deputy attorney Art Trezise will continue working through an ongoing Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into allegations that Trezise told a former client of the impending execution of a search warrant at the client’s property last spring.



Trezise was implicated by a witness to an alleged crime that took place in Crested Butte South in May. The crime is under investigation by the CBI and local police.
Trezise stood by his innocence while working in his office on Tuesday, December 2. “I’ve got no comment, other than I didn’t do anything wrong,” Trezise said. “Otherwise, that’s where I’m leaving it.”
County Commission chairperson Paula Swenson expressed confidence in Trezise, saying the board would continue to presume Trezise’s innocence, unless he is proven guilty. “The Board of County Commissioners believes Art Trezise is a valued member of our team,” Swenson said. “His work is excellent and we support him in this trying time.”
The investigation by the CBI into the claims against Trezise is ongoing.

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