Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Forest Service district ranger Murphy to retire

No permanent replacement named

by Mark Reaman

Gunnison District Forest Service ranger John Murphy is planning on retiring before the summer season begins. While no decision has been made on a permanent replacement, an “acting district ranger” will fill the spot when he steps down.

Forest Service spokesperson Lee Ann Loupe said while there is a hiring freeze in place for federal agencies, they can still put someone into the job. “The Forest will fill the position permanently when we have the ability to do so,” she explained. “The hiring freeze for federal agencies pertains to new hires, not necessarily hiring within the agency. Key positions have and continue to be filled on a priority basis.”

Loupe said there has been no announcement made on who will step in as the acting district ranger at this time but she would make a formal announcement once a person was officially appointed.

“Appointing acting district rangers and/or staff officers is not unusual in the interim time between when a position is vacated and permanently filled,” Loupe said. “For example, we also have vacant staff officer positions due to retirement and transfer-within-the-agency by the incumbents for our Renewable Resources staff officer and Forest Fire Management Officer. These positions have ‘actings’ in place pending advertisement and filling them permanently.”

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