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New signs to reflect character of town

New way-finding signs for CB

By Mark Reaman

A new look to the directional signage in Crested Butte should begin to emerge next fall. Creative District coordinator Hilary Henry told the CB town council recently that the new signage would fit into the “character” of Crested Butte. The original idea was to install the signage this summer but the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) informed the town that they would have to do traffic control as part of the installation and town staff felt that would be too disruptive to busy summer traffic. So the plan is to wait until autumn.

The most noticeable signage improvements will likely be seen on Elk Avenue. Signs on Highway 135 must comply with Colorado Department of Transportation regulations but can still contain some local flair.

The so-called secondary directional signs will be installed on Elk Avenue and are meant to promote the town’s historic and creative districts. They will be more artistic in nature. They will help promote “wandering” in town and direct visitors to destinations and points of interest in Crested Butte.

A Crested Butte way-finding committee chose Margaret Loperfido of Sprout Studios and Keitha Kostyk of Blaze Associates as signage designers.

Some signs will have a “capstone” piece on top that reflects the town. The proposed primary signage design will feature replicas of the town buildings along with representations of Crested Butte Mountain and Mt. Emmons. The proposed secondary signage design will feature three representations of the town, including skiing, mining and wildflowers. Those elements will be included in forged iron brackets.

“We are trying to have a comprehensive system for way-finding,” Henry explained. “Signage can be pretty expensive so we are phasing this in over time.”

The town had budgeted $75,000 for the project and costs are anticipated to come in in that neighborhood.

“We are trying to create and enhance the identity of our town,” said community development director Michael Yerman. “The two towns, Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte have different visions for signage. We are trying to give a nod to history, skiing and wildflowers with this signage, for example.”

It is expected the new look could start to be installed after the summer busy season.

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