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Hansens takes third in dressage competition

Competes at regionals in Kansas

by Kirsten Atkins

Heath Hansens of the Crested Butte Horse Park (CBHP) traveled to Hutchinson, Kansas for the Midwest Cowboy Dressage Regional Show and Gathering in late June.

Competitors from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and around the region attended the show. Cowboy dressage has its roots in traditional dressage but the court is adapted for a Western-style horse. While still engaging in the technical aspects of riding, it emphasizes horse and rider partnership and soft feel.

Hansens and his quarter horse mares, Sparkles and Elena, faced some strong competition but achieved a good result. Hansens was nudged out of second place by just a half a point to bring home a third-place win in the overall competition.

“I was pleased with the results. The girls performed well despite the heat and humidity. It was a great experience and good practice for future shows,” Hansens said.

Hansens and the CBHP team are continuing to train and plan to compete in the Cowboy Dressage World Gathering and Show National Finals in Rancho Murieta, Calif. in October.

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