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Psycho Rocks rallies in post season


by Than Acuff

Thanks to Matchstick Productions, the Infectious Grooves song with the line “Go psycho, go psycho, go psycho” is etched in my mind forever. Thanks to Psycho Rocks, that song has now been thrust into the front of my brain as they are making a run at the Wednesday league softball title.

They finished the regular season in third place but that included a win over Pitas. Now, they appear to be building off of that big win as they won back-to-back playoff games on Wednesday, August 8, earning a spot in the league title game.

They opened Wednesday night against CB Extreme, a new team that, while competitive, definitely focuses on the fun.

But fun is also part of the Psycho Rocks scene and player/manager Will Mixon made sure he reminded his team why they beat perennial powerhouse Pitas the week prior.

“How’d we do that? We hit and we hit because we had f****n’ fun,” stated Mixon.

He then took a moment to explain to the press Psycho Rocks’ four-step plan for success. It’s kind of like the stats-heavy strategy made famous in the movie Moneyball, but different.

Look at it

Hit it

Run it

Don’t f*** it up

Actually, it’s nothing at all like the plan made famous in the movie Moneyball.

But it seems like it’s working.

CB Extreme gave it a go in the opening innings of their game against Psycho Rocks, opening with two runs off a triple by Rhett Yarbrough.

Psycho Rocks tied it up immediately as Eli Fiddler hit the first of what would be three home runs that night.

CB Extreme don’t suck though and they came right back in the top of the second inning to retake the lead. Lauren Echevarria singled and scored off a triple from Drew Holbrook. Two batters later Andy Richmond stepped up to push Holbrook in with a triple and CB Extreme was up 4-2.

A two-run shot from Yarbrough had CB Extreme up 6-2 in the third inning, but Fiddler crushed another two-run dinger and then Richmond hit a solo inside the park home run (ITPHR) to keep the game bouncing back and forth with neither team making a move.

Until the bottom of the fourth inning.

Before Psycho Rocks could lose their cool they rattled off a seven-run, two-out rally to take the lead back. Claire Bartholomew set the tone as her patience at the plate resulted in a walk, putting runners on for Matt Roettger. Roettger dropped a RBI double in center, Amanda Brack followed with a two-RBI double, Rosa Greeley knocked an infield blooper that entered a wormhole before coming out as a two-RBI double and Fiddler, well, Fiddler hit his third home run in a row for an 11-7 Psycho Rocks lead.

CB Extreme was still in the mix though down just four runs heading into the sixth inning until Psycho Rocks opened up their can of whup a little wider to extend their lead.

Greeley and Fiddler each knocked base hits and an error turned into a two-RBI double. Jason Keener cracked a RBI triple, a sac-hit RBI and powerbunt single scored two more Psycho Rocks and Roettger topped it all off with another RBI base hit, sealing the deal on the 17-8 Psycho Rocks win.

They returned to the field that evening and continued their winning ways, taking down the Rent-A-Gades 17-11 to earn a spot in the championship game.

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