Second rash of car burglaries reported in Crested Butte area

Unlocked cars targeted

A second rash of car burglaries in the area has prompted the Crested Butte Marshal’s Office to warn citizens: It could happen to you.




Crested Butte assistant chief marshal Ted Conner says the Marshal’s Office is investigating eight car burglaries that occurred on the east side of Seventh Street in Crested Butte during the late hours of Saturday, December 8 and the early morning hours of Sunday, December 9. 
Conner says there were no signs of forced entries and none of the vehicles burglarized had any damage. “Unlocked cars seem to be the primary target,” Conner says.
Only two of the eight instances reported missing items. The value of the missing items, including women’s jewelry, is still being determined, Conner reports.
Conner says car burglaries have been an ongoing problem for the north end of the valley for the past several months. There was a rash of car burglaries reported in Mt. Crested Butte and Crested Butte South in October and November.
“This is the first time Crested Butte has experienced what Mt. Crested Butte has been dealing with—numerous thefts in an isolated time period,” Conner says.
Conner says the Marshal’s Office is treating the cases as related.
“These burglaries seem to be a continuation” of those in Mt. Crested Butte,  Conner says.
The Mt. Crested Butte Police Department also reported six cases of unlocked cars being burglarized in Crested Butte South and Skyland during the evening of Tuesday, December 4.
The Marshal’s Office reports there are currently no suspects in the cases, and no witnesses have come forward as of press time. Conner says anyone with information or who has witnessed any suspicious activity should contact the Marshal’s Office.
Conner adds the crime victims include both local residents and visitors. He encourages residents to remove valuables from their vehicles and to lock their cars.
“Don’t leave your car unlocked or it could happen to you,” Conner says.

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